1-The SPA is opened on demand from 10AM to 9PM. Please respect the timetable.

2-Access and use of this relax space is strictly reserved to owner and users of the rentals.

Access is prohibited to :

  • children under one meter height,
  • childern under 18 years old not accompanied by an adult.

3-This area is meant for relief and relaxing. We ask you to respect required calm and discretion.

4-Inside the spa, it is forbidden to :

  • eat
  • smoke.

5-Please use your own beach towel.

6-Respect SPA term of use listed thereafter.

7-Owners keep the right to exclude and prevent access to SPA to people whose behaviour would breach the rules.


1-The SPA is meant for a maximum of 6 persons.

2-Before entering in the SPA, take a shower in your bathroom.

3-Don't use the rooms towels.

4-Programming of spa is down by owners, it's forbidden to tamper with SPA controls.

5-To enter the SPA, sit on right corner and rotate.

6- If other guests groups are onsite, please don't exceed three functioning cycles , so every present hosts can access the spa.